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2017-08-20 ULVAC-PHI surface analysis users meeting 2017

ULVAC-PHI surface analysis users meeting 2017




ULVAC-PHI surface analysis users meeting was successfully held in Shantou University on 10th August, 2017. There were a lot of participants such as professors, experts and students who have joined the user meeting.


Before the conference started, Executive Director of PHI (China) Mr. Wensly Yip has given a speech to welcome all our users to be gathered again at the same time every year. This is a great platform for all users to discuss the development and the latest application of XPS. After that, comprehensive presentations about XPS powder microanalysis have been made. All users were satisfied with the presentations’ results. Apart from that, Professor Shyue from Taiwan Academia Sinica has given a speech on Ion gun co-sputtering XPS Applications X. That was a great presentation and academic investigation.


One of the guests, ULVAC-PHI Asia Marketing Manager Mr。 Takuji Shibasaki has given a presentation on how to use ULVAC-PHI Ellipsometer in a better way。 He had made a very comprehensive introduction and description on this topic。 Another guest, ULVAC-PHI scientist Dr。 Zhang has given a presentation on Tof-SIMS latest application of materials and done a very comprehensive elaboration on this topic。 She even shared some data processing skills of XPS and AES。 The guests discussed a lot with all our users in the conference。


Thank you for all the support and participation from the guests and participants。 We hope to build up a strong network and platform to gather all the users。 It could be a great opportunity for them to share their analysis techniques and have better communication。 It is good for us to have a better result in the field of science and technology。




Executive Director of PHI (China) Mr。 Wensly Yip had given a talk to the audiences



ULVAC-PHI Asia Marketing Manager Mr. Takuji Shibasaki had given a talk to the audiences



Scientist of ULVAC-PHI Dr. Chang Hsunyun had given a talk to the audiences



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